Friday, 25 July 2014

Synoposis / short story

In the modern  slum of Kampala  , Uganda , Betty,  a mother of growing two teenagers  , suffers  silently from  her husbands' ignorance for need  of equal economic rights in the family , her family  encounters emotional trauma , resulting from domestic related  violence , but when life goes to it's extremist , she decides to break her silence .

The story  is an emotional drama , characterized of extreme violence , romance and  fantasy . it's set in Kampala city . It's relevance  is to empower women  in fight against domestic  violence  in the region .

It's  an African tale , that exposes  women  struggle against  equal economic  rights in family as one of the loophole  in the  woman empowerment  regional policy,   that might   be accelerating   domestic violence  in  the Ugandan community  .

According to 16th annual human right report, of the Uganda Human Right Commission, (2013) ,Section 2. Chapter 5, under the subject of Emerging Human Rights Concern in the region, sub – subject of Increasing Incidences of Murder in Uganda,  

Domestic violence has been cited as a continuous increasing type of crime against humanity for some time in Uganda now, however, in the same report; children have been noted as advanced victims of the cause.       .