Wednesday, 22 June 2016


In the modern slum of Kampala city  , Uganda , Betty, a mother of growing two teenagers , suffers silently from her husbands' ignorance of  need for  equal economic rights in the family growth and development , her family encounters  lots  of emotional trauma equally  , resulting from domestic related abuse by her husband as he physically and emotionally  abstract his wife from  participating  in active pay job  in Uganda  , but when life goes to it's extremist , Betty  decides to break her silence.
the story lies on  how Betty , uses romance to stabilize her nearly  socially and economically broken family  to regain her identity as  a married  mother ,  how she does it  , and how her husband responds  to it , is the drama in the movie The water Vendor .

This story  is set in ordinary  location , and its major twist is on emotional Dialogue, with The water vendor Movie , visual expression  of the performer coupled  with  emotionally delivered dialogue  is what keeps us on the screen for 75 minutes .